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“A place where no Senior will ever walk alone”


About: is creating a network of “CHAPTERS” also called “SOSOPWORLD CARE CENTERS” across Canada. In the future we will use the Canadian postal code system to determine the location of the chapter that our members will belong to. 


We will assume that all members will be active members of their local chapters (communities). All chapters will work both nationally and locally to support not only their chapters, but for all Seniors and their Caregivers. They will accomplish this by sponsoring events that interest and involve all members.  

All Chapters will work closely with local Communities, Government, Businesses, Groups and Individuals. 

*You will be asked at the time of activating your membership to choose a local chapter.  

Note: We have many special surprises and offers when you sign up for a local chapter.  

One is a program for members who are moving to another city or across the country. The local chapter they are moving to will have the answers to all their (settling in questions).   


Chapter Policies/Procedures will be set by the corporate head office and will be strictly enforced. 

All members will be encouraged to attend meetings and volunteer for community fundraising events.  

Everyone needs three (3) basic things in life: 

  • Something to do 
  • Someone to love 
  • Something to hope for 

“Come and walk with us into the future” 


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